BOFFI & Inform Interiors


A partnership of must haves,

As it embarks on its almost 80 years, Boffi is celebrated as one of Italy’s and the worlds most prestigious kitchen and bath manufacturers.

A simple strategy – using high quality materials, innovative construction techniques and the latest appliances has won Boffi the Compass D’Oro award for design.

LT Kitchen System

Boffi’s biggest competitor is still a custom kitchen by architects, designers and artisans.

But because Boffi manufactures for a very high degree of precision, you just can not get the quality of finish, operation and ingenious engineering that you would with a one off piece. Years of design research and development go into the production of their kitchens.

With Boffi there is and always will be a principle to harmonize functionality and utility with evolved design.

-Minikitchen Unit

A Boffi kitchen is part helpmate, part trophy spouse and most certainly it looms as an object of desire.

It is the brand to discover and covet.

– Darren Dorey, Boffi Representative for Inform Interiors


-Sabbia Tub