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Ferran Adrià is more comparable with an Alchemist than a chef. His work space resembles a laboratory in which some tools are easier to be found at the CERN than in a kitchen. If one is familiar with his recipes and intending to execute them, they better have a PhD in chemistry, biology and physics…combined.

If beamed into the unknown future, Ferran’s diner would most likely be on an intergalactic space ship were he would capture food flavours with magnetic fields, stabilize with antimatter, cook products by shooting neutrinos and lasers and arrange to serve all in anti gravitation balls.


The new book release FOOD FOR THOUGHT – THOUGHT FOR FOOD is a remarkable amalgamation of Ferran Adrià’s work at El Bulli over the past 20 years mixed with Art-food and Food-art, a large chapter dedicated to the Documenta 12 participation and lots of beautiful food-art photos of Ferran’s creations.

Buen provecho!


No Leftovers – Off Cut Stools by TOM DIXON


As the world watches the Copenhagen Summit, the topic of climate change and what we can all do about it is on everyone’s mind.

Embracing these ideas, designers are rethinking the way they look at and work with materials. Tom Dixon’s Off Cut Stools address many design and production issues that have always affected the “green” or sustainable aspects of a product.

I thought I would show you some of these design solutions as I build this wonderful little stool.

The Off Cut Stools are so named because the legs of the stool are created using the tough irregular wood closer to the bark which inflatable city slide is normally burnt or discarded. This also gives each stool a unique sculpted look.

The stool is flat packed for transport efficiency in a recyclable cardboard box.

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Design for all ages


My colleague James knows full well how important it is to introduce design at a young age. What a lucky nephew receiving a Junior Panton Chair from Vitra for his 1st Birthday!

Here are some other great pieces children can enjoy.


1. Herman Miller Eames Rocker
2. Vitra Girard Wooden Dolls
3. Vitra Eames Elephants
4. Magis Alma Chair
5. Knoll Kids Diamond Chair and Cyclone Table

Beds by Poltrona Frau


Poltrona Frau always executes their products exquisitely and some of the most popular pieces we work with are their stunning beds. Earlier this year at the Salone de Mobile Milan 2009 they introduced two new beds into their collection.

Above the BLUE MOON by Roberto Lazzeroni

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B&B Italia – ’09 Pab and Flat C. catalogues


The new catalogues for the 2009 B&B Italia – Pab/Athos and Flat C. systems have just printed but you can see them now and save a tree or two by visiting their site.

View the PAB ATHOS catalogue here
View the Flat C. catalogue here

We have new examples of the Flat C. on the way and our Pab units look fantastic in the 97 Water showroom.

My favourite feature – the large sliding glass doors, they move seamlessly across the wall

SANAA Architect | Kazuyo Sejima


Recently Kazuyo Sejima (above right) of SANAA Architects was named the director of the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennial, the first women to hold the position.

Together with Ryue Nishizawa (above left) they have recently worked on projects such as (below left to right) the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, the Kanazawa museum of Contemporary Art, and the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Their work is speaks of honesty and is often transparent in some form, nothing to hide but everything to show.


Their homepage

Along with Architecture, Kazuyo Sejima has worked with a few manufacturers on some wonderful designs.
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Konstantin Grcic | 360° Series for MAGIS


Earlier this week, we received our first set of the 360° Stools from MAGIS and I instantly fell in love with the piece.

When images of this product first emerged, I was unclear as to its functionality and aesthetics (it took a minute to understand how to sit in it). After I unpacked it and tried it out, it was apparent that great thought was put into how people move in and around work surfaces. The simple block seat keeps you upright and focussed which allows you to perch, ponder, sit and work.  The single arm provides the perfect amount of extra support which can be positioned on either side.  The user is then free to move with out being locked into a specific position.

The ideas behind this chair are reminiscent of a discussion I had with an RMT friend of mine. “What is the best position for your body while working?” His response “Your body does not want to be in any position for a long time, the best clown bouncy castle thing you can do for it is to move and use it”.  With the 360° Stool you will be all over your work and your body will be much happier too.

Come in and try out the 360° Series for yourself and see if it is the working system that you have been looking for.


The designer Konstantin Grcic with a prototype of the chair and some sketches

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