A recent addition to Gastown is the beautifully finished showroom of Bulthaup Kitchens. Located on the corner of Abbot and Cordova across from the Woodwards development site, a shining gem in the continued revitalization of the Gastown area.

Entering the showroom you get a sense of serene warmth with the natural woods and utility with the steel. The surfaces beg you to fulfill their intended use. The B1 system is inexpensive and simple, a great working kitchen that hides nothing. My favorite piece is the massive oak cabinet from the B2 system, I love how much storage is put on display in such a neat and tidy way. Offering a perfectly designed and executed product, a great line to work with Vancouver’s homes.


Elegantly showcasing each kitchen system Tuesday through Saturday; visit them to see which one is right for you.

Bulthaup Vancouver
93 Cordova St. W – on the corner of Abbott
Ph. 604-688-1881

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New In Store- ZANOTTA Salone 2009 Products


New to the store are products by Zanotta for the 2009 Milan Salone.

Above we have the elegant DERBY chair by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance. The exterior shell of the chair is done in a cowhide with the internal body in leathers and fabrics. Available as a swivel or fixed base. Quite comfortable and has a nice generous seat.

Below we have images of the EVA chair by Ora-Ïto. This chair is available in Polyurethane (white, balck, or sand) or leather style products with either a sled style, pedestal, or 5-star castor base. In the store we brought in the polyurethane version with a castor base and it really makes a nice task chair. The polyurethane is formed slide the city so that the inner edge is smooth and the outer edge is sharp making a striking but usable chair.




Our morning meetings


People who walk by our store on Tuesday mornings may see the entire Inform Staff gathered around chatting. We take this time to discuss new products and whatever is happening in the world of design. Working hard to stay current and educated, above Nancy talks to us about a new Publisher we have in the bookstore.





Found a great posting by Contemporist of the COMPASS POINTE house in Whistler, BC.

Designed by Sean Anderson of Progressive Concept Design and the interiors by Kelly Deck, an amazing example of a comfortable modern mountain home. Can you spot Inform’s contribution to the space?




Above: the Bensen Drop-In never looked so good

Unbreakable Art: FISH DESIGN & Gaetano Pesce


Who would have thought that the solution to broken vases would be so beautiful, tactile, and colorful! Vases and jewelry made of soft silicon resin, in a variety of raw forms glow as the light travels through them.

Each item is a unique creation, working with the skills of the craftsmen and the power of gravity.


Left: Gaetano Pesce at work – Right: Resin being poured onto a new piece

The project was started in 1995 by Italian architect, designer, and artist Gaetano Pesce in pursuit of creating fantastic vases, jewelry, and many other products out of coloured and translucent resin. As a small venture the company continued to make its goods until 1999.

For five years these unique products awaited a rebirth and in 2004 Andrea Corsi an Italian business men focused on design parc jeux gonflables brought the resin products back into production. Working along side Gaetano Pesce, Corsi himself has begun to work and create goods for Fish Design.




CORD CHAIR by Jacques Guillon


We just brought in this piece into the store today and it really is a gem. Made essentially of four wood pieces and a length of cord, the simplicity is evident in its light weight visuals. It almost looks more like a musical instrument than a piece of furniture.

Originally designed in 1953 by Canadian designer Jacques Guillon, the Cord Chair has been out of production for over 40 years. Re-issued by Avenue Road out of Toronto the chair is available in Walnut Veneer or Black Lacquer with a 8-strand braided cord seat and back.