Successful Living | Diesel & Foscarini

From rock to pop, from casual to vintage and from graphics to art. This is a completely new collection of lamps that speaks a multitude of languages, tells different stories and expresses an unmistakable style: the Diesel lifestyle.

Cage Mic, Cage Suspension and Stud Lamps

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Prefabricating Good Taste | Preform & AA Robins

We were first introduced to Preform Construction at the IDSwest event held at our showroom last week. Alongside architect AA Robins, Preform is breaking the prefabricated home mold; if you are familiar with prefab homes, it is plain to see that this customizable housing system is far from ordinary.

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Designer Focus | Konstantin Grcic


Grcic was born in Munich in 1965. He originally intended to become a cabinet maker while studying at Pernham College in England. He later studied design at the Royal College of Art in London where he collaborated with Jasper Morrison. Since then Grcic has designed for such brands as Magis, Vitra, Thomas/Rosenthal, Flos, ClassiCon, Krups, Moroso, Muji, Plank, Driade, and many others.

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Blowing Bubbles | Bocci’s 28 Series

Tuesday, we were welcomed into the Bocci headquarters for a tour and to get a glimpse of how the stunning 28s are produced. Witnessing the craftsmen at work spinning and blowing the glass bubbles was truly incredible. Backed by decades of glass blowing experience, the pieces in progress seemed like extensions of the artists.

The 28 is a design which lends itself to infinite compositions and gradations of colour.

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Nothing Grows Old Faster than the New | Briccole di Venezia

We found some interesting pieces at the Milan Furniture fair this year. Among them, Matteo Thun’s Briccole Venezia, a craggily beautiful table made from salvaged Venetian mooring posts. The manufacturer, Riva 1920, has always been open to experimentation when it comes to realizing their designs. Briccole Venezia is no exemption. This table is inspired by the Grand Canal in Venice.

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Designer Focus | Ingo Maurer


Ingo Maurer was born on the island of Reichenau in the Lake of Constance, Germany. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter, Maurer studied graphic design in Munich then moved to the U.S. as a freelance graphic designer. Only three years past before Ingo returned to Germany and opened his own studio named Design M where he developed and manufactured lighting concepts and systems. In 1973 Design M became and still is Ingo Maurer Lighting GmbH.

His first design, simply titled “Bulb” can now be seen in the permanent collection at MoMA in New York.


Besides the design of lamps for serial production, Maurer creates and plans lighting installations for public or private spaces. In Munich, 1998, he created a light installation at Westfriedhof subway station and the renovation and lighting concept for Muenchner Freiheit subway station which opened this last December. In 2006 he created lighting objects and installations for the interior of the Atomium in Brussels.

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