Warehouse Sale | Still going strong with some new goods

Yesterday we had an amazing turn out even before we opened our doors! Thank you to all of you who stood in line both outside and in.

We’ve been keeping busy reorganizing goods that were a bit tucked away and a whole truck load of other new goods has arrived to fill in space.

Visit us today (Friday May 28th) until 5pm at 405 Railway St and come back tomorrow (Saturday May 29th) for some further mark downs.

There are lots of great finds left over, take a look at some stuff that we still have looking for a new home.

No guarantees that these pieces will still be here with all the traffic coming through.

Plenty of chairs for indoor and outdoor.

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Annual Warehouse Sale

We’ve been working hard preparing our annual warehouse sale. An epic sale event that runs for two days. A time for us to shed some weight and prepare for all the new goods we ordered in this years fairs. Clients from all around come to see what great deals they can find (some even fly in just for this event).

We hope to see all who can make it there!

Click here for a sneak peek!

Click here to see the warehouse on Google Maps.


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Moleskine | The Importance of Doodling

Many of my best ideas come to me lying in bed, letting my mind relax right before sleep takes me over. Often, I wake up knowing that just a few hours prior, I might have had a moment of genius, an epiphany that would could surely be a success, only, I can’t remember the idea itself. Some nights I visualize great displays of visual stimuli with particular details that tie the whole piece together – So many times I have wished that I had some sort of device to quickly and easily record these fleeting thoughts. Yes, I know that “there’s an app for that” but loading screens, chubby fingers that don’t tap where need be and the lack of a pen or stylus just do not inspire me, nor serve my needs in the way that I require. I’ve discovered Moleskine since.

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Designer Focus | Niels Bendtsen

“Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude toward design. Craftsmanship is just as much about how you run the machines that are now necessary for economic viability.”

– Niels Bendtsen


Owner of Inform Interiors and Bensen Manufacturing, Niels Bendtsen has been working with contemporary furniture all his life. In 1963, he opened his first retail store in West Vancouver, Danet Interiors, focusing on well-designed and well-crafted Danish modern furniture. He designed the Ribbon chair, which was accepted into the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York._

This past weekend, contemporary furniture took New York by storm with the help of  ICFF and Bensen was there to be apart of it all. Above, left to right, U Trek, About Face, Index, and Canyon sectional. Click here to visit Bensen’s website. Click here to see Bensen products on informshop.com.

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Avenues of the World | Opens May 15th


Inform Interiors will be presenting two suites at the Millennium Water development in False Creek, Vancouver. The Avenues of the world project brings together top class designers with the LEED Platinum waterfront development by the Millennium Group.

Learn more about the project and who has been involved on their homepage.

Designer Focus | Tom Dixon

A self-taught designer-maker from London England, Tom Dixon has combined the creative with the commercial throughout his career.

He fell into design by accident when he found himself with “time on his hands” while recovering from a motorcycle accident. As an art school drop-out with no technical training, he taught himself how to become a designer-maker in 1983 after discovering welding when trying to repair his motorbike.

Dixon’s D-I-Y approach to design matched the post-punk mood of the early 1980s. Having made his name – but little money – by making and selling limited editions of his welded furniture – chairs such as the S Chair and Pylon Chair(above) – he tried his hand at retailing, by opening a shop, Space, to sell his products.

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Yamagiwa Lighting


The Yamagiwa brand has been bringing high end lighting to the masses of Japan for decades. Established in 1923 the received high acclaim for their 2007 Lighting Design exhibit in Milan for their works with well renowned designers and architects.

Working with a wide range of range of materials they focus on the beauty of the light itself and how it works with people and its environment. Many projects have focussed specifically on how lighting affects the way people work.

With products designed by Toyo Ito, Tokujin Yoshioka, Ross Lovegrove, Naoto Fukasawa, and Shiro Kuramata to name a few the collection is varied but well curated.

Purchase Yamagiwa lighting from informshop.com

Above the TEAR DROP table and pendant light by Tokujin Yoshioka is a beautiful glass orb hollowed out to encapsulate the light inside.

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Live Small? Live Smart!

My recent visit to Japan has reminded me of how our ideas of living are constantly changing and that we often need to find smarter and more efficient ways of planning our homes.

In this post I will highlight a few tips on how the right furniture choices can maximize a living space. Check back in the following weeks for a few more posts on the topic.

Simplified Living Room Seating

The ultra minimal SLEEPER Sofa by Bensen offers the maximum seating area by removing arms while retaining a high level of comfort. The simple mechanism allows the sofa to turn instantly into a daybed for a quick nap or to accommodate  sudden guests. The lack of a large internal bed system keeps the sofa light on its feet.

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B&B Italia Outdoor

As the weather starts to warm and summer draws nearer, we all start to spend more time outdoors. This includes barbeques with friends and family or just plain relaxing alone on our balconies, decks and patios.

B&B Italia has some of the most beautifully designed and exquisitely built outdoor furniture to make you feel like you’re at a top class resort while being at home.

Springtime Collection

If you’re into warm minimal design and spectacular craftsmanship than this is for you. Designed by Jean- Marie Massaud the line has soft organic tables made from Crystal Plant mixed with dramatic day beds and chaises and sofas. The frames are made from aluminum and are powder coated in a weather proof polyester for years of durability, there is even a weather proof Mahogany table top.

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