Achille Castiglioni | Further Functions Found

Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002) Architect / Designer

Born in Milan, the epicentre of industrial design, Castiglioni graduated from Architecture in 1944 at the Politecnico di Milano University. The same year, he started a design office in with his brothers, Livio and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Their interests lead them to research new forms, techniques and materials, aimed at developing a process of “integral design”. Most of their theories are still taught in Universities and resonate with young designers today.

VIDEO: During the 1989 International Design Conference of Aspen, Achille made a presentation on his affair with lighting design. His enthusiasm and sense of humour is awe-inspiring – he seems to have the energy of a much younger man.

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Unique Lives & Experiences | Featuring Bensen Furniture | cont.

We were invited to, not only enjoy a wonderful evening exploring the intriguing past of Canada’s 27th Governor General, but to create a suitable stage for her to speak on.

This was no easy task – Honourable Michaëlle Jean fled from torture in Haiti with her family as a child and began her career co-founding a network of shelters, across Canada, to help women and their children escape voilent situations. She went on to achieve what most could only dream of and, in 2009, started the Michaëlle Jean Foundation promoting youth and the arts in an effort for social change and awareness. Who better to advocate “that we should never bow down in the face of a challenge.”. Many went home inspired and feeling a little stronger that night.

In light of Jean’s unfaltering care for a healthy home, we created a simple “domestic / home” arrangement, the majority of the pieces displayed were designed and/or manufactured in Canada.

Bensen Edward sofa behind Montis Turner chairs

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