Nothing Grows Old Faster than the New | Briccole di Venezia

We found some interesting pieces at the Milan Furniture fair this year. Among them, Matteo Thun’s Briccole Venezia, a craggily beautiful table made from salvaged Venetian mooring posts. The manufacturer, Riva 1920, has always been open to experimentation when it comes to realizing their designs. Briccole Venezia is no exemption. This table is inspired by the Grand Canal in Venice.

The table top is pieces sectioned off from mooring posts that have been preserved in their original shape. The way the legs are angled and cross over recalls the way the posts look in the canals. Not only is the fossilized surface of the salvaged wood very special but the table brings a piece of Venice into your home. Matteo Thun’s table is just one of the many designs that Riva 1920 presented at this year’s Milan fair. All of which used reclaimed oak from Venice’s waterways. In total, 18 designers participated in the ‘Venice Project’ by Riva 1920.

Come down and take a look at this beautiful table, as it is on display at our 50 Water Street showroom for a limited time.

– Noah


Click here to visit Riva 1920’s official website.