C International Photo Magazine


Tucked away behind the floating stairs of Inform is a trove of books. The subjects range from architecture, to industrial and interior design to art. We also carry a vast number of magazines, perfect for picking up on your way to have a coffee. We are constantly getting in new books, and though it might seem much more orderly than MacLeod’s up the street, there is very much still the thrill of the hunt.


We’ve been featuring C International Photo Magazine on our table for a few weeks now, but I think it’s still worth a mention. The magazine is more of a book, hard-bound and 300 pages, but it’s a biannual treat. Divided into three sections (essays, photos, interviews) each issue centres on a topic. The latest, issue 8, “examines the constant and unpredictable evolution of movements, which, to a great extent, drew their inspiration from the struggles of minorities”, with works from Bruce Davidson, Larry Clark and Peter Saville. We carry the English/Chinese edition.



Top photo from www.informinteriors.com

Middle – Bruce Davidson

Bottom – Larry Clark