Space Oddity



Some designers are tame in practice and personality. Others have edge, strive to be unique and make impressions on whomever they meet. You’ll find Tom Dixon somewhere in-between, comfortably poised in no-man’s land. When you find him there, he’ll make you second guess the preconceptions. He is humble while proud, boisterous but timid, chaotic yet well defined – somehow there isn’t any contradiction. To say that Tom Dixon is a paradox is probably the most accurate description that one could give to him though it’s still far from actuality. He occupies a finite space where intellect and passion are paramount and few external factors hold any creative weight. You have to meet him… did you? He was just here.

Tom flew in on the Thursday before last and went straight to work, not stopping until he flew to LA and did it all over again, two days later. Most highly sought-after personalities might head to their hotel to wash, rest, and go out for an overpriced meal with those that they deemed fit. Not Tom. Tom wanted to go to the scrap-yard and dig through objects long forgotten and like the mad scientist that he is, bring the dead back to life, striving to leave Vancouver a little better than how he found it. This is after all what he attributes as the cause of his rise to fame. __

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IDSwest Media Preview | Showing Great Form

On Tuesday evening, the IDSwest team gave a small taste of what we can expect this year, September 29th through October 2nd. The event was held at the site of architect Michael Katz’ L41 Ultra Compact Home, at BCIT on Great Northern Way.

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Shopping with Common Cents | Inform Under $100

There is a common misconception that to shop at Inform, you must posses a great deal of wealth. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We carry a vast range of products with all sorts of price points. Our collection is not based on price, luxury or exclusivity; simply put: we carry the best products for your home, from around the globe.

Take for instance the Aalto Votives and Kivis from Iittala(above); both are priced from under $20 yet exemplify great form, function and superb quality in craftsmanship.

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Flash Factory | Inform & Tom Dixon



Join us on November 27th from 11am until 5pm to witness Tom Dixon’s new Etch lamp and Etch candle holder in production.


Flash Factories in Milan and Hong Kong

What would normally be a static furniture showroom window is transformed into a Flash Factory where the processes of industrial production are brought directly to the customer. A limited number of exclusive products are made and sold on site. Etch is a digitally manufactured collection that includes a light and candle-holder in brass. Everything is sold on a first come first serve basis. Visitors can purchase a version that has been fully assembled at the factory window, or a flat-packed version to complete at home. The Flash Factory demonstrates Future Industry and the new found power of the designer, able to service world markets with the latest products in greatly reduced time scales.


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IDSwest 2010

Last Wednesday through Sunday, at the new Vancouver Convention Centre, there was a thrill for the senses. The talented and very organized folks behind Interior Design Show West provided the interior design industry of the West Coast and beyond a chance to show off their latest and greatest. There were countless exhibits, insightful speakers and brilliant designs from well established and emerging creatives.

We exhibited some of what we have to offer in design excellence from around the world. Lines of fluorescent tape ran across our booth and over pieces that led to panels reading the names of those piece’s countries of origin.

Clockwise from top left: Bensen Format shelving prototype, Emeco 111 Navy chairs, Flos Superarchimoon lamp, Cappellini Proust chair, Zannota Sacco / Bocci 28 sercies / Bensen Brix / Vitra Vegetal chair and Flos Glo Balls / Shawn Place’s SP210

Some of the Inform team enjoying opening night with friends

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Designer Focus | Tom Dixon

A self-taught designer-maker from London England, Tom Dixon has combined the creative with the commercial throughout his career.

He fell into design by accident when he found himself with “time on his hands” while recovering from a motorcycle accident. As an art school drop-out with no technical training, he taught himself how to become a designer-maker in 1983 after discovering welding when trying to repair his motorbike.

Dixon’s D-I-Y approach to design matched the post-punk mood of the early 1980s. Having made his name – but little money – by making and selling limited editions of his welded furniture – chairs such as the S Chair and Pylon Chair(above) – he tried his hand at retailing, by opening a shop, Space, to sell his products.

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Milan Salone de Mobile | Day 2 Images

We’re continuing our coverage of the Milan show with pictures from Day 2.

Above the Poltrona Frau New Deal armchair in a beautiful blue. Classic to modern with just a colour change.

See images of new B&B Italia, Poltrona Frau, Foscarini, and many others

Above, visitors of Tom Dixon’s booth are put to work making his products in his ‘FACTORY’ installation

New in stock | Tom Dixon

We’ve been working with Tom Dixon for sometime now and we just can’t get enough of it.

The raw and industrial nature of many of his products really add a nice layer of texture to our contemporary settings.

New candelabras: Spin Floor and Crown
New lighting: Pipe, Lean and Pressed Glass
New accessories: Beat Vessels

To view more products by Tom Dixon visit

View the Tom Dixon Catalogue here

Tom Dixon new additions



British lighting and furniture company TOM DIXON launched a new collection entitled INDUSTRY at Super Studio Più as part of Milan Design Week 2010.

Included in this new collection are the PEG stacking chairs shown above, the return of the JACK light, the new VOID light, and an addition to the OFF-CUT series in the form of a bench.

Expect to see new pieces by TOM DIXON at Inform Interiors in the coming months.


VOID Lamps in spun solid copper, brass, or stainless steel

The JACK Lamp, now available in black

The OFF-CUT Bench,sturdy and an efficient use of materials

View and order goods buy Tom Dixon here at