Antonio Citterio | Master of Modernism

1950 Meda, Italy: a pioneer in furniture design was born. One of the most under-stated designers in the business today, Citterio continues to design countless objects that most designers could only dream of creating.


Citterio graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and since 1972 continues to design for most of the leading furniture and accessory manufacturers world-wide, such as B&B Italia, Flexform, Flos, Iittala, Kartell, and Vitra. B&B Italia’s Maxalto collection is designed and coordinated exclusively by Antonio Citterio.

He has also been engaged in architectural works, dealing with construction projects and interiors, both in Italy and abroad. Citterio holds lectures and conferences and his work has been extensively exhibited and published.



Armchairs: Morgan, Jenny and Margaret

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Shopping with Common Cents | Inform Under $100

There is a common misconception that to shop at Inform, you must posses a great deal of wealth. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We carry a vast range of products with all sorts of price points. Our collection is not based on price, luxury or exclusivity; simply put: we carry the best products for your home, from around the globe.

Take for instance the Aalto Votives and Kivis from Iittala(above); both are priced from under $20 yet exemplify great form, function and superb quality in craftsmanship.

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Nest | Homes on Burnaby Mountain

One of the wonderful things about working at Inform is the diversity within the staff and our clients. We
have the opportunity to use our skills in different aspects and to work on projects of all sizes and

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sharron Bortolotto from BBA Design. Together we
furnished the presentation centre for the Nest development at SFU.

Sharron’s vision to use “real” furniture, “classic” furniture and furniture that was accessible to everyone,
drew me to the project. All of the items used in the Mosaic Homes presentation centre are standard size
and can be purchased through Inform Interiors. There were no custom made beds or sofas’ trying to
make the suite appear larger than it really was.

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Finnish Glass Perfection | Iittala

The founding of the Iittala company is said to date to 1881, when a glass factory was founded by Swede Petrus Magnus Abrahamsson. The first workforce had to be brought from Sweden due to the lack of skilled glassblowers in Finland.

Ultima Thule Series, 38cm Aalto Bowl, Aalto Premium Serving Tray, Kivi

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