Finnish Glass Perfection | Iittala

The founding of the Iittala company is said to date to 1881, when a glass factory was founded by Swede Petrus Magnus Abrahamsson. The first workforce had to be brought from Sweden due to the lack of skilled glassblowers in Finland.

Ultima Thule Series, 38cm Aalto Bowl, Aalto Premium Serving Tray, Kivi

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Blowing Bubbles | Bocci’s 28 Series

Tuesday, we were welcomed into the Bocci headquarters for a tour and to get a glimpse of how the stunning 28s are produced. Witnessing the craftsmen at work spinning and blowing the glass bubbles was truly incredible. Backed by decades of glass blowing experience, the pieces in progress seemed like extensions of the artists.

The 28 is a design which lends itself to infinite compositions and gradations of colour.

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