Successful Living | Diesel & Foscarini

From rock to pop, from casual to vintage and from graphics to art. This is a completely new collection of lamps that speaks a multitude of languages, tells different stories and expresses an unmistakable style: the Diesel lifestyle.

Cage Mic, Cage Suspension and Stud Lamps

Ironic, unconventional, fun, fiery and creative. A way of being and of dressing that also becomes a way of furnishing. A new adventure that lets you customize your space, going beyond clichés and bringing your personality to light. Hard as metal, soft as fabric, slim as a luminous cage, shiny as chrome-plated glass, but always unique and different: Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini.

Rock Suspension Lamp: Rock is the artistic interpretation of a split volcanic rock, that reveals clear, sparkling crystal inside. It is a hanging lamp with a captivating form, dark-coloured and flecked with golden speckles. There is a strong contrast between the dark, external surface that is rough to the touch and the casually sculpted and the shiny, iridescent interior with its paler tones. When illuminated, the asymmetrical interior surface creates a dramatic visual effect.

Cage Mic Table Lamp: Cage takes its inspiration from old lanterns. The luminous body is protected by a decorative cage. The metal grille with its irregular structure and a hand-made flavour contrasts to the brilliant diffuser within. The lamp is available in three colours: white for a gentle atmosphere, black for a more conceptual mood and light green to recreate the retro spaces of the ’60s and ’70s. This lamp has a dual soul: when switched off, the full, strong colours reflect the outlines of the cage on its shiny surface; once turned on, the body fills with light and changes the colour of the structure. Cage is available in hanging, floor and table versions.

Glas Suspension(left): Glas is a modern reinterpretation of the classic work light used in warehouses and factories worldwide, which has become a furnishing style icon. The warm, suffused light has a retro feel. The use of innovative materials like glass combined with a silver-coloured surface that recalls metal, transforms this model into a unique decorative element that will strongly characterize any space. Glas is available in hanging and table versions.

Pet Table Lamp

Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato, Foscarini’s owners: “The Diesel collection is for us a new line, deeply different from Foscarini collection in design and style and addressed to new targets. Accordingly with the strong forerunner attitude of the company, the Foscarini team has been immediately and highly involved in the development of Diesel collection. The long experience in design lighting sector, the dynamic distributive network and the steady positioning into the market will lead Foscarini to an effective commercialization of Successful Living from Diesel collection”.

Successful Living promotional video by Diesel

Renzo Rosso, President of Diesel: “Diesel is a lifestyle brand – consumers choose us not only for the product but also for what Diesel represents: the way of life, our values, the ironic, creative and unexpected approach. We decided to start with this adventure to offer to our consumer the possibility to express himself and personalized his home with products he feels near his taste. At last we have found partners who are able to satisfy our needs in terms of quality and know-how; Moroso and Foscarini represent two leading managerial realities in the design sector, the best both for quality and professionalism and mostly for the great enthusiasm they gave to this new project”.


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