Blowing Bubbles | Bocci’s 28 Series

Tuesday, we were welcomed into the Bocci headquarters for a tour and to get a glimpse of how the stunning 28s are produced. Witnessing the craftsmen at work spinning and blowing the glass bubbles was truly incredible. Backed by decades of glass blowing experience, the pieces in progress seemed like extensions of the artists.

The 28 is a design which lends itself to infinite compositions and gradations of colour.


Designer of the 28 and creative director at Bocci, Omer Arbel’s reputation is quickly and steadily growing. Aside from his architectural prowess, Arbel designed in collaboration with Aboriginal artist Corrine Hunt, the Olympic Medals for Vancouver 2010, the popular 14 series chandeliers, the 22 series sockets which won a Red Dot Award in 2009.

Though the structure in which Bocci resides is in major transition, the massive potential is clearly evident.