Finnish Design Movement, est. 2008. Life is filled with small everyday problems: how to keep your drink cool in the sun, why making loose tea is always such a mess - and where the heck is your dish cloth? Sometimes it only takes one tiny thing gone wrong to derail your whole day. Magisso wants to keep you on track and make it easier for you. Best solutions grow from personal frustration. When they established Magisso in 2008 in Helsinki they had a burning passion to make meaningful design and international business. And they knew nothing about design and international business. Really. Over 25 design awards later they still thrive from that same passion. For Magisso every obstacle is an opportunity. They are driven by desire to solve problems and create beautiful designs. Whenever you discover a problem already solved it'll make you go: ''Wow! Why didn't I think of that?'' and share it with your friends.