Founded in 2006, Lindsey Adelman Studio's signature aesthetic was born with the release of their very first product: the Branching Bubble chandelier, a virtually limitless custom configuration that combines the idiosyncratic natural grace of blown glass with rational, machined components. Since then, the studio has explored the visual tension between organic and industrial forms in a number of disciplines, introducing boundary-challenging designs from an innovative palette of materials.

They design, prototype, and build in-house, working with a close circle of local manufacturers to develop and produce custom parts. With more than 30 employees in the Noho neighbourhood of New York, as well as outposts in Los Angeles and Boston, the studio is a creative laboratory with an unusual level of collaboration. Forms and ideas evolve through 1:1 model-making and constant testing. Artists, craftspeople and production staff are encouraged to experiment and dream, transcending traditional boundaries and hierarchies. The studio feels that an energized, interdisciplinary approach is crucial to innovative design and extraordinary execution, as evident in every object they produce.