Storage design for your BOFFI Kitchen


Like a great meal, a kitchen design should combine the best ingredients with careful prep and imaginative planning.

The kitchen is a room in our homes that contains an enormous number of different items, ranging from fresh foods to cleaning materials.


So before you begin planning your kitchen layout, work out what you have to store and where you want to keep it. Storage is crucial in the design of any kitchen

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Planning the features of your BOFFI Kitchen



Planning your new Boffi kitchen can be a great experience . Being able to design the kitchen of your dreams can be an event you enjoy as much as its function.

When designing your dream kitchen the best way to watch what you spend is with careful planning. By including the advice of professionals to make final decisions, you can often spend less than you would by making the wrong choices. Additionally an experienced planner will offer advice on how some features will work or not work for you.

Some questions to consider when planning are:

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The Mini Kitchen by BOFFI


In 1963 Italian designer Joe Colombo created a kitchen for Boffi that embodied the futuristic efficiency, that was part of an increasingly mobile client.


Boffi’s mini kitchen was a cube on wheels, housing the three fundamental functions; cooking, storage and refrigeration – all in less than one cubic meter (11 cubic feet).

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