Planning the features of your BOFFI Kitchen



Planning your new Boffi kitchen can be a great experience . Being able to design the kitchen of your dreams can be an event you enjoy as much as its function.

When designing your dream kitchen the best way to watch what you spend is with careful planning. By including the advice of professionals to make final decisions, you can often spend less than you would by making the wrong choices. Additionally an experienced planner will offer advice on how some features will work or not work for you.

Some questions to consider when planning are:

Do you need an island, a peninsula or a breakfast nook. Though they are a great feature they can take up valuable space?

Would you fill a pantry ? A pantry can often be eliminated with careful planning of space.

What is your choice of sink? Most clients that have had the double sinks are now choosing to have a larger deeper single bowl?


Cooking with gas or electricity what’s the preference?
Do you use a microwave for major cooking or just to heat up cups of tea?


The fewer structural and mechanical changes you make the less you’ll spend, but that doesn’t mean that all those changes cost a lot of money.

Does your new design require that you move existing walls, doors, and/or windows? In this consideration you are not only changing the interior but the exterior as well will be altered.

Things you need to know are:

Is the wall you want to move a load-bearing wall? Load-bearing walls support the structure of the house and moving them is a complex job for a professional. Typically, an interior load-bearing wall runs the length of the house at about the center of the structure and all exterior walls are always load-bearing

What rooms are directly above and below the kitchen? If the rooms above and below are finished, it’ll be a lot more difficult to reroute plumbing pipes, heating ducts and electrical wires.

All these questions help to identify you unique requirements and will help save you time and money

– Darren Dorey, Boffi Representative for Inform Interiors