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Inform Interiors founder Niels Bendtsen opened his first retail store — Danet Interiors — in West Vancouver at Park Royal. The store focused on well–designed and well–crafted Danish modern furniture from companies like Fritz Hansen, which the store represents to this day. After seven years in West Vancouver, the store moved to 97 Water Street in Vancouver's vibrant Gastown neighbourhood where it has stood ever since.

Ribbon Chair


To further his pursuit of quality design, Niels sold the store to a Toronto retailer and moved to Denmark. He spent a decade in Europe studying and designing furniture for a variety of manufacturers. While in Denmark, he designed the Ribbon chair, which was accepted into the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Returning from Europe in the 80s, Niels regained control of the store and rebranded it into Inform Interiors. Shortly thereafter, he began his own manufacturing line Bensen to provide great design and great quality at an affordable price.

Inform Interiors continued to grow under the direction of Niels' wife, Nancy Bendtsen. To meet the burgeoning needs of Vancouver developers, Inform Projects was created with Harvey Reehal. Inform Contract, led by Paul Sjaarda, serves Western Canada's architects and interior designers who are creating commercial, office, hospitality, and other large scale projects. These divisions are now headquartered in the Railtown District, with a large and exclusive to–the–trade showroom, only a few blocks from Inform's retail spaces in Gastown.

50 Water

Inform has continued to grow through seeking out and delivering the best products that the world has to offer at the best possible prices coupled with unparalleled service. The business demanded expansion. Rather than move away from what they had started, the decision was made to stay in Gastown with the addition of a new showroom. Working with the Heritage Management Plan, the new building retained the entire façade of the previously existing building with a newly designed interior. Niels worked with Bocci Art Director Omer Arbel to create a stunning space that could truly showcase the future vision for Inform Interiors. This new space has won environmental and Design awards for its geothermal heating system and progressive approach.


The new 30,000+ square foot showroom at 50 Water Street was opened to the public. With the opening of the second showroom, the original space at 97 Water Street was renovated and redefined as the new home to Inform's B&B Italia collection, Hästens Beds and our Kitchen and Bathroom displays. You can virtually tour our showrooms on our Showrooms page.

50 Water Interior