Inform Interiors


Since 1977, G.T.DESIGN designs and realizes objects in total respect for man and the environment. The road begun in the 80s and 90s led Deanna Comellini, designer and art director, and Michele Preti, with her at the head of the business, to a concept of unperfect design, so authentic, real and emotional. Investing in textiles and textiles research has led to the unexpressed potential of an industry that has never really been defined. The textile element in the house, whether it is a rug or complement of furniture, becomes G.T.DESIGN expressive and different, far from the approvals of industrial production. Innovating in the environment textile means sharing from person and gesture. That is why they consider the design of the free interpretation that everyone can give, emphasizing the inconsistencies, the imperfections, the manual workmanship, the direct pleasure of the matter.