Ron Arad – No Discipline at the MoMA NY


An amazing exhibit at the MoMA ended recently, Ron Arad – No Discipline.

Many one off and some production pieces were on display, all laid out on a large twisting grid designed by the man himself.

Images don’t do justice to the beauty of his pieces. The metal work when seen at the scale it is done is breathtaking and each object begs to be touched (but they were watching me). Each piece was ingenious and expertly crafted, all showcased the brilliant rule breaking designs of Ron Arad.

Ron Arad Associates

Negative and positive Easy Chairs, the left chair has spheres excavated out of the body while the right is the reverse with the chair built of spheres cut at the intersection of the chairs shape

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MOROSO Showroom 2009 by Ron Arad


As a bit of a precursor to the next post, I visited the New York showroom of Moroso which were artfully decorated by sculptor/designer Ron Arad. Many original works were on display including the first pieces that he brought to his meeting with Patrizia Moroso. Glossy metallic creations mixed in with the production upholstery pieces in Moroso’s collection made for a rich and colorful showroom.

146 Greene St
New York, NY 10012
P: (212) 334-7222
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The works of Ron Arad are truly amazing and there are many production models available in all sorts of price ranges from hats, cans, sofas, and lighting. Next post will be some great images of his MoMA exhibit.


Misfits Sofa System – Ron Arad

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