Junior Design Addicts

At Inform we believe that design appreciation can start at any age. Many of our clients have been coming to our store for years and years, with this we’ve experienced their changes in style and taste as well as the changes in their family structure with the addition of some amazing children!

Above Verner Panton’s classic chair has be introduced in a children’s size. Durable, stackable, and colourful.

Not all products suitable for children are designed for their use. The CORK stools by Jasper Morrison and VITRA are a great small table for kids and with no hard sharp corners it’s safe too.
Vitra Corks on www.informshop.com

Collectors of Alexander Girards dolls can start their kids off with a single piece of their choice.
View and order each family member.

Knoll has started producing their iconic mid-century pieces in scaled down forms. Now people of all ages can enjoy the comfort of Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair (suggested use shown above).

When looking at design products for children it is hard to overlook the magnificent pieces by Charles and Ray Eames.

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Time for Fun in the Sun

The cherry blossoms have been blooming for sometime outside my living room window and now March has arrived with sunny Spring close on its heels. It’s time to start planning for some outdoor parties and to order some outdoor dining, lounging, and napping furniture to bring it all together. Don’t forget to add an umbrella to your list, a great way to get some often needed shade.

Representing a huge array of companies, Inform Interiors can help you plan any range of outdoor spaces in many different styles.

Remember ordering early will help ensure you get plenty of time to enjoy the perfect outdoor setting.

Any questions give us a call or email anytime.

Buy Outdoor products online at www.informshop.com

In this post you will get a brief introduction to some of the outdoor brands we work with and their products, lots to see so take a stretch.

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Konstantin Grcic | 360° Series for MAGIS


Earlier this week, we received our first set of the 360° Stools from MAGIS and I instantly fell in love with the piece.

When images of this product first emerged, I was unclear as to its functionality and aesthetics (it took a minute to understand how to sit in it). After I unpacked it and tried it out, it was apparent that great thought was put into how people move in and around work surfaces. The simple block seat keeps you upright and focussed which allows you to perch, ponder, sit and work.  The single arm provides the perfect amount of extra support which can be positioned on either side.  The user is then free to move with out being locked into a specific position.

The ideas behind this chair are reminiscent of a discussion I had with an RMT friend of mine. “What is the best position for your body while working?” His response “Your body does not want to be in any position for a long time, the best thing you can do for it is to move and use it”.  With the 360° Stool you will be all over your work and your body will be much happier too.

Come in and try out the 360° Series for yourself and see if it is the working system that you have been looking for.


The designer Konstantin Grcic with a prototype of the chair and some sketches

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Designers – Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Although they remain largely oblivious to the press about them – they’ve never had a press kit and don’t have business cards – the french brothers are said to be heirs to the design throne of Philippe Starck. They’ve already garnered many awards and design for lines like Cappellini, Magis and Vitra, as well as for brands like Issey Miyake. Born in Brittany, Ronan, the elder, left for Paris to study design, and once he set up a studio, Erwan came to work and help his brother with the technology aspect of designing. After a few years of signing designs independently, they realised it would be more productive to work together.


Cloud shelving system from Cappellini


Kvadrat showroom in Copenhagen, with Steelwood chairs and Kvadrat Clouds

Working together seems to work well for the two, who have a studio in St. Denis, a suburb north of Paris; at any one time they have about twenty projects on the go. Their designs tend to focus on the user, so that the products adapts to the customer, and not the other way around. This is true of the Cloud shelving system which can be stacked ad infinitum, and the Algues, pieces of plastic stems that can be linked together endlessly to create large screens, and still again with Joyn, their office system developped for Vitra. Joyn starts with a basic long white table with optional storage, lighting and screening elements.


Vegetal chair

Their newest piece from the Bouroullecs that we have in store is the Vegetal chair, a piece from Vitra. Based on a 19th century American practice of trimming shrubs into chairs, the brothers wanted to design a “grown-chair”. It took many permutations and four years of development to finally release the chair, which weighs in at on 5.5kg, and is UV resistant, so it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor. There is a lovely little video that Vitra made to show the mutations of the Vegetal chair. See it here.


Papyrus chair and Paniers coffee table, both from Kartell

We have many of the Bouroullec’s designs in store, so feel free to come in and see!


Top portrait of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec by Nicole Bachmann for Vitra.