Millennium Water | B&B Italia & 100 Mile Suites

The Millennium Water development on False Creek is quickly becoming a popular destination for interior design enthusiasts as well as those seeking new and modern residence near downtown Vancouver. The vast property is made up of several low-rise condominiums encircling an expansive courtyard and the refurbished Vancouver Salt Co. building.

Inform strives to accommodate and enrich anyone’s space with design expertise. Design, art; taste in general is subjective and can vary immensely from person to person and so Nancy and her team set out to show two very different lifestyle choices and what furniture, lighting and accessories might accompany these two equally original and unique flavors.

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Avenues of the World | Opens May 15th

Inform Interiors will be presenting two suites at the Millennium Water development in False Creek, Vancouver. The Avenues of the world project brings together top class designers with the LEED Platinum waterfront development by the Millennium Group.

Learn more about the project and who has been involved on their homepage.