Achille Castiglioni | Further Functions Found

Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002) Architect / Designer

Born in Milan, the epicentre of industrial design, Castiglioni graduated from Architecture in 1944 at the Politecnico di Milano University. The same year, he started a design office in with his brothers, Livio and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Their interests lead them to research new forms, techniques and materials, aimed at developing a process of “integral design”. Most of their theories are still taught in Universities and resonate with young designers today.

VIDEO: During the 1989 International Design Conference of Aspen, Achille made a presentation on his affair with lighting design. His enthusiasm and sense of humour is awe-inspiring – he seems to have the energy of a much younger man.

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Featured Promotion 2010

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Above from left to right the Spun Floor lamp  by Sebastian Wrong (in multiple colors and sizes), the Miss K  table lamp by Philippe Starck (part of a wide family of lights), and the modern Nebula chandelier lamp by Joris Laarman.

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Above left the new TAB reading light by Barber & Ogersby. On the right the new ONCE light by Piero Lissoni using the same materials as the older Viscontea and Zepplin.

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