Unbreakable Art: FISH DESIGN & Gaetano Pesce


Who would have thought that the solution to broken vases would be so beautiful, tactile, and colorful! Vases and jewelry made of soft silicon resin, in a variety of raw forms glow as the light travels through them.

Each item is a unique creation, working with the skills of the craftsmen and the power of gravity.


Left: Gaetano Pesce at work – Right: Resin being poured onto a new piece

The project was started in 1995 by Italian architect, designer, and artist Gaetano Pesce in pursuit of creating fantastic vases, jewelry, and many other products out of coloured and translucent resin. As a small venture the company continued to make its goods until 1999.

For five years these unique products awaited a rebirth and in 2004 Andrea Corsi an Italian business men focused on design brought the resin products back into production. Working along side Gaetano Pesce, Corsi himself has begun to work and create goods for Fish Design.