Live Small? Live Smart!

My recent visit to Japan has reminded me of how our ideas of living are constantly changing and that we often need to find smarter and more efficient ways of planning our homes.

In this post I will highlight a few tips on how the right furniture choices can maximize a living space. Check back in the following weeks for a few more posts on the topic.

Simplified Living Room Seating

The ultra minimal SLEEPER Sofa by Bensen offers the maximum seating area by removing arms while retaining a high level of comfort. The simple mechanism allows the sofa to turn instantly into a daybed for a quick nap or to accommodate  sudden guests. The lack of a large internal bed system keeps the sofa light on its feet.

Extending Dining Tables

Most people living in smaller homes or apartments don’t always need a grand dining table nor do they have room to fit one, but a small fixed table cannot accommodate the needs of a dinner party.

The NORI Table by Kristalia is a great piece that is offered in varying depths and can be extended in several incrementss. What is also very functional about these are that the extension leaves can be stored right inside the table itself when not in use. Available in a variety of top and leg finishes the tables from Kristalia continue to be some of our best sellers.

Dining Chairs

Living with a set number of dining chairs is fine for everyday life but what will you do once you’ve extended your dining table for guests and have nowhere for them to sit?

In tight situations I recommend finding areas that additional chairs can be camouflaged into a space. Whether it be used as a desk chair, on the deck, or even integrated into the living setting. The MONZA Chairs by Plank (left) are offered in an array of colourful back rests. Choose one colour or mix them up around the home.

For many the small living situation is a transitional space for their future home. Instead of investing in expensive dining chairs that you may work with your next space, why not consider an outdoor friendly product that can be used in your next homes patio or yard? Outdoor furniture is just as beautiful and usable as anything that is strictly indoors, take some time to plan for what your living space may be like in the years to come.

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