OSCAR BON Carbon Fiber Chair by Philippe Starck for DRIADE


Released during the 2009 Salone de Mobile in Milan, the OSCAR BON chair is made from moulded woven carbon fiber. Originally designed in 2004 by Philippe Starck and true to his style this chair is sleek and sexy. When you pick up the chair for the first time you realize how light the carbon fiber makes it and it almost seems delicate but this is the true beauty of the material.

To truly understand this chair you must first understand what the chair is made from. Woven Carbon fiber is made from microscopic bonds of crystals that align parallel to the fiber . Thousands of these fibers are twisted together to produce the yarn which is the base of the woven carbon fiber. This process results in a material with three times the tensile strength of steel.  Used prominently in aerospace and Formula 1 engineering to make parts that require minimal weight and dimensions. With this, designers can create incredibly strong products with a very low mass to weight ratio.

Available in Silver or Black – see in store for pricing and availability



The fluid legs almost shoot out into the ground – strength, beauty, and industrial ingenuity

So light you can easily hold it up with one hand – the weaves of the carbon fiber are clearly visible with elegant joins

Also designed by Philippe Starck for Driade are the LAGO (left) and MISS LACY (right) chairs