Jean-Claude Leblanc’s Core Collection

Like many lasting designs, Jean-Claude’s Core vessels were created out of a need for the product by the designer:

“The idea to create a pot came from a succulent installation I saw on a trip to Tokyo a year and a half ago. It reminded me of my mother’s love for plants and the life it added to my family’s home as a child, something i’ve been trying to emulate ever since. ┬áThis inspired me to buy a succulent for my bedside table so I always had this life form to wake up to. After searching, I couldn’t find the right pot. I then began designing my own, knowing I wanted the finished product to be made from marble.”


The shape was inspired by Architect Rem koolhaas’ Casa da Musica in Portugal (above) – one of his favourite buildings.

When friends saw images of Jean-Claude prototype they expressed interest in buying them. This encouraged him to resolve the final details and packaging in order to have a product that could be resold.

Shown in the images above, we see the large marble slab in its raw form and stages of the fabrication and forming processes.

Jean-Claude Leblanc’s pots are currently on display in the front window of our 50 Water St location. Additional sizes and colours are on the way.