A Copper Crown for Gastown

Inform is located in the oldest commercial district of Vancouver – Gastown. Circa 1900, Water Street (then called Front Street) was where Vancouver first started to become a city. Many of the building’s facades have been maintained and kept true to the spirit of old Gastown.

Gastown in the early 1900s.

In honour of our rich history, Inform’s B&B Italia showroom at 97 Water will soon have a copper crown moulding once again.

Referenced archive photo of 97 Water, the current work in progress at 97 Water.

Niels and Nancy Bendtsen, the owners of Inform, have a vested interest in the restoration of the area. They have been in the neighbourhood for decades, with it’s history, beauty and promise.

(Above, clockwise)
Custom hydro-press moulding tool, bottom sections prepped and ready to be installed and a new sheet of copper, to be formed.

Drawings of the final product.

Blending new technologies and methods with a traditional sensibility and highly skilled craftsmenship, CMM Industries is responsible for restoring 97 Water Street to it’s former glory. For more information on CMM Industries visit www.cmmindustries.com.

The moulding process, in progress.

Sheets of copper are sealed to the custom tool bed then formed using pressurized water.

We are excited by how the project is moving along and can’t wait to proudly show our brand new yet very old red-gold cornice.

Gastown has clearly taken a turn for the better in the last few years; beautiful boutiques, caf├ęs and shops have been popping up all over, enriching Gastown’s charm and uniqueness even further.

VIDEO: Tourism Vancouver’s spotlight on Gastown

For a truly historical Vancouver experience, you must come and see the neighbourhood for yourself.


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