Just In – HIROSHIMA Series by Maruni


We just received our first shipment from the Maruni wood workshops and they are so beautifully built that I urge everyone to come see them before they go.


Maruni offers many furniture products by designers around the world. Alberto Meda from Italy, Jasper Morrison from the UK, Harri Koskinen from Finland, and of course Naoto Fukasawa of Japan to name a few. Producing all their furniture in a workshop in Hiroshima, Japan they work to make products that work as global representations of the Japanese aesthetic.


As our first venture into the line we brought in a grouping of the Hiroshima products designed by Fukasawa. The back and arms are elegantly sculpted and so smooth that I am happy to just stand behind it and pull it out for somebody. Their products have a very natural feel combined with very modern and minimalist forms. A limited offering of the materials keeps the collection looking clean and inviting.


Each piece in their collection represents the ingenuity and creativity of world class designers built with the precise craftsmen ship of the Japanese wood workers.