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It all started in 1946, Enrico Cappellini opened a small workshop in Carugo, Italy. Since it’s origin, Cappellini has never been boring nor absurd, often with a healthy dose of humor, other times proposing simple, dynamic formal solutions: these are the characteristics that make the Cappellini collection full of vivacious fractures and contradictions. The company has since been taken over by Enrico’s son, Giulio(picture left).

Cappellini continues to seek out new talent with varying temperaments, that don’t create a real “Cappellini’s style” but compete to form a balanced and logical collection.

They have long been a kingpin of cool at the Milan furniture fair and a showcase for talent on the verge of discovery.

Butterfly, Stitch, Cloud, Lotus, and Cotton lamp

Cappellini is now composed of three collections: Collezione, Sistemi and Progetto Oggetto.

Collezione introduces, on the international stage, products vastly differing in origin and derived from the  experiences of the designers but always in the pursuit of expressive results to reach a more cosmopolitan audience. Collezione is made up of strong items which are able to integrate themselves in many different environments.

To satisfy the imagination of the consumer by maintaining a extremely high level of production, Sistemi was created in 1981.  The Sistemi collection allows you design your space your way through a massive range of colours, finishes, veneers and typologies of furniture and accessories.

Cappellini has also dedicated its research to complements, creating in 1992 a collection of products for the house – calm and measured; simple. Progetto Oggetto is the design of the normalcy and synthesis; the lamps, the vases and the vessels that compose the collection are as they should always be: unobtrusive, pleasant and honest.

Bookshelf, Aviolux, Simplon, and Homage to Mondrian

Surprising to some in the design industry, in 2004, Cappellini was purchased by the Poltrona Frau Group who are known for a much more traditional aesthetic.

Last year a partnership was made with Disney, several themed variations on Cappellini designs were produced.


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