Jasper Morrison Shop

Niels at the front entrance of Morrison’s shop

Nancy and Niels visited a tiny store opened by British designer Jasper Morrison on their recent trip to London. The store is very tucked away, only a few visitors a day,  and is actually housed in an unused area of Morrison’s studio. The design of the shop is simple, wooden shelves are stocked with Morrison’s own designs and those of his peers such as designers Sori Yanagi and Naoto Fukasawa.

There is currently a really lovely display of items for the Super Normal book by Fukasawa and Morrison (pictured above left). The book is a compilation of 204 everyday objects in search of ‘super normal design’.


The shop was opened because we had some extra space in our new office, and after the super normal exhibition (at axis gallery tokyo) I wanted a continuation of the contact that it provided me, with everyday, useful things. My feeling is that design which follows the current ‘entertainment’ model which attaches more importance to media exposure than to the real-life performance of an object has run its course, and that it’s time for designers to shape up and design things which have built-in long-term performance. The shop is an idealistic showroom for those things, rather than a commercial venture, though you may leave with less money than you arrived!

– Jasper Morrison


The only picture allowed to be taken inside the store.

The Jasper Morrison shop is located at 24b Kingsland road, London and is open Monday to Friday, 11am to 5pm.


Click here to visit Jasper Morrison’s official website.


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