Andreu World

Francisco Andreu was classically trained as a cabinetmaker at a very young age, working for his father in the family wood factory in Spain. By seventeen, the factory in which he grew up was in peril, Fransisco saw this downfall as an opportunity to start all over.  At first, the woodworking was done in the workshops of local artisans who lent Fransisco their spaces after regular business hours. Originally, the pieces were completed without the use of electricity and transported to nearby furniture shops via handcarts. The beginning demanded much work and energy but the company was showing growth and promise.

Andreu World factory worker long ago, the Andreu North saw mill, furniture fair exhibit

Electricity eventually arrived and with it power saws, a polisher, drill, and other tools. By 23, Francisco planned expand the company drastically. He acquired a new headquarters which to this day resides behind the Andreu family home. Fransisco also established a rapport with traveling salesman in his continuing effort to expand Andreu World’s market.

Throughout the years, Andreu World has commissioned original art and graphic designs to promote their products

True consistency is achieved with Andreu World’s own beechwood forest and sawmill. Fransisco’s close connection to the material has enabled him to continually challenge and test all of the components and practices that go into the creation of his furniture.

The Andreu World America showroom in the U.S.

Andreu World has come a very long way. Since the early 90s, they have been outfitted with modern machinery, internationally renowned creative talent, distribution networks and a focus solely on designer furniture. Today, the United States is Andreu World’s largest market, making up 60% of production. Initiatives include the Andreu World International Design Competition, staged since 2001, proving that the firm is always searching for new ideas and talents, regardless of frontiers, age groups or reputations.

Last years design competition winners: 1st prize, 2nd prize, 1st mention

On display at ICFF 2010 in New York

Andreu World is a new line at Inform, expect to see select pieces soon on our showroom floor.


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