Limited Edition Sigg Bottles | Coupland & Inform

A collaboration between Inform Interiors and Douglas Coupland for Vancouver’s Covenant House. As water is a beloved substance, ‘My hotel Year’ is a beloved story. Personally signed and numbered by Douglas, each ‘zine’ accompanies an Inform Interiors limited edition SIGG water bottle ($60.00 CAD).

Douglas Coupland is a Canadian fiction write as well as a play wright and visual artist. His first book, the 1991 noel generation X: tables for an accelerated culture, was nominated for the books in Canada first novel award, became an international bestseller and popularized the terms “McJob” and “Generation X.” Much of Coupland’s work explores the unexpected cultural shifts created by the impact of new technologies a middle class North American culture.

Persistent themes include the conflict between secular and religious values, difficulty in aging and taking on adult roles, ironic attitude as a response to intense media saturation, and pop mass culture.

The young people who come to Covenant House face many obstacles in achieving independence. The majority of street youth have experienced physical, sexual and or emotional abuse, often at the hands of the adults that were responsible for taking care of them. Likewise, Vancouver’s downtown streets can be dangerous. Sexual exploitation, drug abuse, poverty and illness are commonplace on the streets and many of our youth are re-victimized there, having fled one unsafe situation only to find their circumstances often worse.

Covenant House Vancouver exists for those young people ages 16 – 24 for whom there is often no one else – young people who either have willingly fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse or those who have been forced from their homes. We bandage their cut-up feet, we give them hot food and a warm bed and we support them in their choice to change their present circumstances while helping them heal from past traumas.

Available at the front desk of our 50 Water St location

– Post by Kyle.


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