Junior Design Addicts

At Inform we believe that design appreciation can start at any age. Many of our clients have been coming to our store for years and years, with this we’ve experienced their changes in style and taste as well as the changes in their family structure with the addition of some amazing children!

Above Verner Panton’s classic chair has be introduced in a children’s size. Durable, stackable, and colourful.

Not all products suitable for children are designed for their use. The CORK stools by Jasper Morrison and VITRA are a great small table for kids and with no hard sharp corners it’s safe too.
Vitra Corks on www.informshop.com

Collectors of Alexander Girards dolls can start their kids off with a single piece of their choice.
View and order each family member.

Knoll has started producing their iconic mid-century pieces in scaled down forms. Now people of all ages can enjoy the comfort of Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair (suggested use shown above).

When looking at design products for children it is hard to overlook the magnificent pieces by Charles and Ray Eames.

The Molded Plastic rocker won’t get marked up by all the spills and it’s comfortable for all shapes and sizes. The family will be fighting for who gets the seat but at its great price maybe we should all have one.
Purchase the Eames rocker in all its colors here

The always popular Eames Elephants are reiterations of the classic Plywood toys made by the Eames’ for their own children
Order any colour at www.informshop.com.

The Eames Wire tables are great as side tables or grouped together as coffee tables.
View table options here.

The colourful spheres of the Eames Hang-It-All are a great place for kids coats and hats. Careful they don’t start fighting over which colour is whose.
Order online here.

The BOBY Trolley by Joe Colombo is a perfect storage piece for all the crayons, toys, and knick knacks.

Magis even has an entire section of their line dedicated to design for children.
Visit their site at www.magismetoo.com.

The original bean bag chair, the SACCO by Zanotta is available in a huge array of materials. We’ve had them in leather, stretch fabric, and even an interesting synthetic that made them look like Gummies.

Informshop.com has a ‘Design for Kids’ section in the works so make sure to check back often.