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Wild man, free spirit, just plain crazy, call him what you will, we think he’s genius!

All of his designs are consistent in their eccentricities, you may chuckle when seeing them for the first time but you will always walk away with a little more respect for Mr. Starck. Often copied, never duplicated, Starck pieces speak volumes of the designer’s lust for life and devout passion for aesthetics and function.

Starck was born in Paris on January 18, 1949. He studied at École Nissim de Camondo and opened his first design firm, specializing in inflatable products, in 1968. Starck’s vast repertoire includes commercial and residential interiors, watches, toothbrushes, electronic devices, lighting, and furniture, to name a few.


Here’s is a small selection of what we retail in way of Philippe Starck designs. Click to view our current selection of Starck products on our online showroom,

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Out/In from Driade

Along with Eugeni Quitllet, Starck has designed this truly unique high easy chair. Extremely comfortable, durable and original. Monobloc in polyethylene with anodized aluminium tubular elements in silver colour. White or black anthracite colour or metalized silver grey painted. Aptly named, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Passion by Cassina

Passion from Cassina

Passion is a small armchair with 4 legs in chromium-plated steel and a shell in shiny white or black nylon; polyurethane padding. Covering in leather, quilted inside. An all-leather version is also available. A perfect compliment to any piece from Cassina’s Privé collection.


Louis GhostLouis Ghost from Kartell

Louis Ghost is the most daring example of the world of injected polycarbonate in a single mold. Despite its evanescent and crystalline appearance, Louis Ghost is stable and durable, shock, scratch and weather resistant. Can be stacked six high. It has great charm, striking visual appeal and brings a touch of elegance and irony to any space.


Video: Citizen Starck by Emeco
Get introduced to the man himself. Starck quickly explains who he is, his refinement process and some of what he has to offer.



Buy Poaa OnlinePoaa Dumbells from xO

Starck took a modern approach to home fitness with his introduction of the Poaa in 1999. Manufactured by his own company xO, the Poaa feels natural in the hand and, like many of Starck’s designs, makes for a great conversation piece. Click the images to see more info on


Juicy Salif

Juicy Salif from Alessi

Some would say that this is Starck’s most iconic design. He was contracted by Alessi to design a new serving tray, he came back to them with a citrus-squeezer in aluminium casting, mirror polished. Starck explains that his juicer is not meant to squeeze lemons; it is meant to start conversations.



Superarchimoon from Flos

Plissé cloth external diffuser. Sand-cast, aluminum diffuser support. Gray painted assembly composed of tubular aluminum arms and tie rods, stainless steel springs, and die-cast aluminum joints. Sand-cast aluminum base with gray painted spun aluminum cover. On the cable there is the electronic Muvis dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness with a dial. This beauty is sure to become a classic.


Personal Windmills by StarckHe has also created 2 personal power-generating windmills named L’éolienne Individuelle Pramac, in polycarbonate. They are gorgeous designs but they are also functional, generating a claimed 20 to 60 percent of an average home’s energy needs.


Video: Heritage Against Recycling by Emeco
Starck speaks of his design work with consideration to the environment and to the final results of creating products en mass.

To learn more about Starck and to view some of his interior designs, visit, his official website.

Post by Michael Y.