Food for Thought | Thought for Food


Ferran Adrià is more comparable with an Alchemist than a chef. His work space resembles a laboratory in which some tools are easier to be found at the CERN than in a kitchen. If one is familiar with his recipes and intending to execute them, they better have a PhD in chemistry, biology and physics…combined.

If beamed into the unknown future, Ferran’s diner would most likely be on an intergalactic space ship were he would capture food flavours with magnetic fields, stabilize with antimatter, cook products by shooting neutrinos and lasers and arrange to serve all in anti gravitation balls.


The new book release FOOD FOR THOUGHT – THOUGHT FOR FOOD is a remarkable amalgamation of Ferran Adrià’s work at El Bulli over the past 20 years mixed with Art-food and Food-art, a large chapter dedicated to the Documenta 12 participation and lots of beautiful food-art photos of Ferran’s creations.

Buen provecho!