Capture Speaker Series

We took part again this year in hosting the Speaker Series for the Capture Photography Film Festival. On three Tuesdays in April, we listened to great minds speak at length about some of the ins and outs of their discipline. Though they were all quite different, each delighted and intrigued equally. Watch below and sign up for our newsletter so that you can join us for the next ones.

Nadia Belerique & Sky Goodden: Between the Shutters—Nadia Belerique and the Spatial Object

Nadia Belerique, the artist behind this year’s BC Hydro Dal Grauer Substation Public Art Project, discusses In the Belly of a Cat and her other works with Sky Goodden, founding editor of Momus. They touch upon the poetics of perception, the role of images in contemporary culture, and the exchange between artist and viewer.


Erin Siddall & John O’Brian: Art in the Atomic Age

Artist Erin Siddall and art historian and curator John O’Brian; both have a fascination with the atomic. Siddall’s Proving Ground, Nevada, Vancouver, installed at the Broadway–City Hall Canada Line Station, explores global histories of nuclear power through the once-coveted (and radioactive) household item uranium glass. O’Brian’s BOMBHEAD exhibition, on view at the Vancouver Art Gallery, looks at the impact of the nuclear age as represented by artists and their art, and includes Siddall’s film work Fukushima Half Life.

How have artists approached the atomic in their work? How do the intertwining histories of nuclear power and photography affect artistic production? As new threat of nuclear action looms today, what responsibilities does art have to address this topic? Together Siddall and O’Brian trace the influence of the nuclear on artistic expression in the atomic age and of art on nuclear activity.

Yesterday’s News: Archiving & Appropriating News Photography with David Campany

Internationally renowned curator and critic David Campany discusses the nature and fate of news photography archives, the appropriation of press imagery by artists, and in particular the works of Thomas Ruff, Jonah Samson, and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, which appear in Yesterday’s News, an outdoor exhibition curated by Campany for Capture 2018.