Holiday Gift Ideas by Michael H.

With the Holiday Season drawing near we thought we would help out by introducing you to some of our gift giving favourites.

Alexander Girard Wooden Dolls by VITRA – Designed for his Sante Fe house pick your favourite or collect them all.

Products by DROOG (from left)
Do Frame – You can use this to frame a basic mirror or make something special on any surface
Water Drops – Great for privacy, especially for bathroom windows or shower doors
Sticky Lamps – Perfect to use in a closet, I want to get 2 for either side of my bed.

Scarves by TAL
Handmade in India and the colours are perfect for the fall. My favourite is the fine check in light grey.
T shirt, Tal scarf and Converse…seriously old school.
(read more here on an old post)

Bubu Stool by XO – Designed by superstar Philippe Starck. It’s a stool.. a laundry hamper.. or a…

Eames Bird by VITRA – I love the simplicity and shape of these birds, beautiful as a murder
CASIO MQ-24 Watch – Not even swatch can match this classic

-Michael Hanos