Holiday Gift Ideas by Michael H.

With the Holiday Season drawing near we thought we would help out by introducing you to some of our gift giving favourites.

Alexander Girard Wooden Dolls by VITRA – Designed for his Sante Fe house pick your favourite or collect them all.

Products by DROOG (from left)
Do Frame – You can use this to frame a basic mirror or make something special on any surface
Water Drops – Great for privacy, especially for bathroom windows or shower doors
Sticky Lamps – Perfect to use in a closet, I want to get 2 for either side of my bed.

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Read past issues of DWELL Magazine on GOOGLE Books


My colleague Richard over at Bensen directed me to a great find. Google has been hard at work databasing as much knowledge as they can get their hands on and one of their projects is GOOGLE Books, a collection of complete books and magazines free for the public to view online.

You can find many publications on here and one great resource is DWELL magazine. They have posted all their issues up to the end of 2008.

View it all here.